The EVO digital ecosystem & flight service package has a variety of tools to make your trips exceptional & smooth. It’s a pick-and-choose system, based on your needs.


Our BriefMe tool is an extraordinary source of up-to-date info on hundreds of airports. At the click of a button, it generates reports showing current restrictions, rules, fuel availability, maps, charts landing permission info, visas, parking, CIQ procedures & more. Being prepared and knowledgeable has never been this easy!

flight compass

EVO’s Flight Compass is your trip planning wingman. It’s the easiest way to track tasks, permissions, handling & more. While everything is being taken care of behind the scenes, you have full visibility, additional data, contact info, etc. Kick back, check your iPad/phone & be confident that you’re in good hands!


EVO’s Estimator is a truly unique tool that provides pricing estimates at lightning speed at the press of a button. Find your desired airport, enter flight information & receive an estimate instantly. The numbers are based on the most recent data from our constantly updated database.

Fuel search

The EVO fuel search engine allows you to quickly find the best fuel prices and order in a few clicks. With global coverage, highly competitive pricing & a dedicated fuel support team, EVO Fuels offers unparalleled convenience & cost-saving opportunities.

3d AIRPORT briefing

3D Airport Briefing is a next-generation tool that offers pilots amazingly realistic preflight prep in an interactive 3D airport simulation. It incorporates aerodrome competency qualification requirements, helps pilots identify blind spots and develop a clear mental image of the entire airport in advance. It has a host of useful features such as Multi-environment modes, Pilot-Oriented (EFIS) UI and much more.

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Upon request, EVO tools can be integrated with yours to make the transition seamless. Schedule trips, order ground handling, slots and permissions, file eAPIS and do more with EVO without leaving your Airplane Manager scheduling software.


NOTAMizer pulls live current NOTAMS via API and allows them to be categorized and prioritized to increase awareness of critical data, dramatically streamlining the preflight preparation process.

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