EVO provides trip support, ground handling & flight planning services to business jets and flight crews around the globe. Our excellence is backed by digital solutions and decades of aviation experience.

Global support & Handling

EVO’s ground handling network covers thousands of airports in virtually every country. We have experience with supporting even the most remote & difficult flights. EVO also arranges permits worldwide, wherever your jet may take you.


We deliver personalized flight plans with more detail & care than any of our competitors, ensuring efficiency & ease in every aspect of your trip.

EXPERIENCE & Professionalism

Our team of highly qualified dispatchers & flight planners will support you in even the most complicated routes & set-ups. Years of experience allow us to deliver at top speed and under any conditions.

Convenience & SIMPLICITY

We make flights simple & convenient for our clients. Our digital tools streamline planning while our representatives ensure smooth handling whether you’re in America, Europe, Africa or Asia.


EVO’s flight service suite is your trusted digital assistant. It works under the hood to save time, remove clutter & provide efficiency - all with minimal effort & involvement on your part.


EVO’s Emergency Readiness Program (ERP) provides audited emergency airports, personnel, enhanced airport reports & more. We support you even on the most difficult routes across China & Central Asia (incl. Polar & North Pacific routes).

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